The STARTALK CREATE interactive curriculum template is undergirded by the STARTALK Principles for Effective Teaching and Learning and is designed to support educators as they design learning experiences that are framed by a standards-based and thematically organized curriculum that integrates culture, content and language. In these experiences, learners will work with authentic, age-appropriate texts in a learner-centered environment as they engage in real-world performance tasks that allow them to use the target language beyond the classroom.

The six (6) STARTALK Principles are:

  • Implementing a Standards-Based & Thematically Organized Curriculum
  • Facilitating a Learner-Centered Classroom
  • Using the Target Language and Providing Comprehensible Input for Instruction
  • Integrating Culture, Content, and Language in a World Language Classroom
  • Adapting and Using Age-Appropriate Authentic Materials
  • Conducting Performance-Based Assessment