Together We Make a Difference

This is a place where world language educators can create and share learning plans. As we collaborate together, the number of resources for our classrooms will grow and we will learn from one another.

Create, share and discover learning plans you can use or adapt for your classroom. Together we will create a brighter future!  CREATE is free to use. Join us!


A Research-Based Interactive Learning Plan Builder 

Use the CREATE interactive learning plan template to backward design a standards-based and thematically organized curriculum.

A Collection of Learning Plans for Language Classrooms

Search the lessons and units in CREATE to discover a growing collection of resources for language teaching and learning.

Features for Saving, Sharing or Adapting Learning Plans

Adapt learning plans to meet your learners' needs. Bookmark useful plans for future use.

Discover Learning Plans

DISCOVER learning plans you can use or adapt for your classroom. Resources in STARTALK CREATE are openly licensed. This means that you can freely use them as they are, or adapt them for your classroom.

Create Learning Plans

When you use our learning plan template to CREATE, you will be guided in a research-based backward design process that helps you apply best practice to your curriculum design!